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Why clean beauty matters?

Now one might wonder, ‘My skincare products work just as well and they cost a lot less, so why should I switch?’. If this sounds like you, here’s why you should consider switching to clean beauty products.

  • Ethical ingredients

Our skin takes about 30 seconds to absorb the products we apply on it, with toxic ingredients being absorbed into our skin, our skin barrier gets affected, causing skin irritation, hormonal imbalances, and unhealthy skin. So while the impact of these conventional ingredients may not show up immediately, they can be highly detrimental in the long run. Clean Beauty encourages the use of ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. Anything that is unsafe for your skin and the environment is avoided. They are also loaded with skin benefiting  and sustainable ingredients that gently nourish the skin, leaving you with healthy, radiant skin.

  • Label transparency

More often than not, we indulge in skincare products without taking the time to check the ingredients that are being used in them.  Fortunately for us, we live in an era with information on our finger tips.  It is much easier for us today as consumers to do our little research on how each ingredients work for us and its impact on us and the environment. The lack of knowledge and transparency in labels can lead to consumers indulging in wrong products that are unsafe for the skin and overall health. Clean Beauty products are formulated with honest ingredients that are ethically sourced. Label transparency is a key aspect of this movement which allows each customer to make informed choices on what goes on their bodies and into the water bodies.

  • Sustainability

Many ingredients used in conventional products cause great harm to aquatic life. There would be few who are unaware of the damage we have created on the water bodies.  Though we have the desire to correct the damage, we are sometimes clueless about how to go about it.  One of those little steps is clean beauty. Clean Beauty prides itself in maintaining environmental health and the use of sustainable practices. Right from the packaging of the products, sourcing of ingredients, lack of effluents or  proper management of any , support of sustainable supply chains , every process is sustainably carried out and what’s even better is that these products do not in any way affect the environment and oceanic ecosystems.

So how does one transition into using Clean Beauty products? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that as well.

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