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Embracing Sweat: The Ultimate guide to Body Odour control

Is sweat the enemy? 

Absolutely not! Sweating is not only a natural physiological function but also a crucial aspect of our body's intricate mechanisms for maintaining health and vitality. Let's take a deeper dive into the wondrous world of sweat and why it's more of a friend than a foe.

Imagine you’re out on a run, as you progress your body slowly starts heating up, shimmering beads of sweat emerge on your forehead. But have you ever wondered why we sweat? Sweating is a vital component of our body’s functioning. 

Sweating is our body’s way of releasing toxins, flushing out impurities, regulating temperature, aiding metabolism, and even promoting skin health by unclogging pores.  Sweat glands are like our body’s inbuilt detox system. The sweat glands are mainly classified into two; Eccrine glands and Apocrine glands. While Eccrine glands are found all over your body, Apocrine glands, particularly abundant in areas like the armpits, activate during puberty, adding a touch of complexity to the sweat symphony.

What causes body odour?

Contrary to popular belief, sweat itself is actually odourless. The real trouble begins when it mixes with the resident bacteria in your underarms. These bacteria feast on your sweat and sebum, releasing their own distinctive aroma in the process.

The metabolization of the components of sweat with the sebum of the resident bacteria, results in odour. The odour is caused and often intensified with certain diets, unsatisfactory hygiene practices, genetic predispositions, gender, hormonal changes and so on. Besides these in certain cases excessive sweating and intense body odour could also be an indication of an underlying medical condition. But regular sweating and odour can be combated with adequate attention. 

How do we control body odour?

It's simple, address it at its root cause. If odour stems from  odour causing bacteria, then tackle the bacteria head on. But have traditional methods approached it the right way? Let’s take a look. 

AHA & BHA Exfoliants: The misfits.

AHA & BHA Exfoliators are one of the most popular solutions for odour control. We love exfoliants, however they are not the most effective for odour control. Exfolaints work by reducing the skin’s pH level, which kills bacteria. However, this also eliminates essential bacteria that make up our skin’s microbiome. Regular use of exfoliants disrupts the skin barrier  leading to potential skin issues over time. 

Why should you say no to Deodorants.

It’s not uncommon for people to shower their underarms with some kind of deodorizer. But deodorizers never solve the issue of odour. Deodorizers only mask the odour with a strong scent. It does provide you temporary satisfaction, but the problem of odour always persists. 

Besides the ineffectiveness, deodorants have reportedly consisted of many toxic ingredients. Considering the sensitive nature of the underarm, the permeability of such ingredients must be kept in mind. It provides easy access for toxic ingredients to enter our skin and eventually our blood vessels. Ingredients like aluminium salts have been flagged through thorough research and are still used in deodorants widely. 

Why Antiperspirants are another trap.

Throughout this article, we have emphasised the importance of perspiring. Antiperspirants clog the pores to stop our body from sweating altogether. In an effort to combat odour, these products harm our healthy functioning of the body. We shouldnt be trying to stop our bodies from sweating. If odour is what causes discomfort, then odour and odour alone should be tackled. 

Why Green And Beige Underarm Serum is a gamechanger. 

Our Ingredients are our heroes. We’ve explained the science of odour to you.So we formulated a serum that kills only the odour causing bacteria. 

Our hero active Xylitylyl Sesquicaprylate ( don’t get intimidated) A proven deodoriser that is 100% nature derived, eliminates the bacteria strain that causes odour. 

How does it combat odour?

  1. This active is a non ionic surfactant molecule that reduces surface tension, which means it weakens the force that holds molecules together. 
  2. This helps the active, make it difficult for microorganisms to stick to the skin. 
  3. The active then affects the outer layer of microorganisms by interacting with their fats and proteins. 
  4. This interaction breaks down the cell membrane of microorganisms causing them to burst. 

To simplify it for the rest of the non-chemistry geeks, this works by making liquids less sticky and reducing the ability of tiny organisms to stick to your skin. Once it's on your skin, it interacts with the outer layer of these tiny organisms, kind of like breaking down their protective shell. This causes them to burst and helps keep your skin free of odour and healthy. 

But, that's not all.  Green And Beige believes in creating formulations that provide holistic effectiveness to skin concerns. Which is why, we have added more than one hero ingredient into our formulations. 

  • 5% Niacinamide- A proven ingredient for even skin tone and maintaining skin health.  
  •  2% Cystoseira tamariscifolia extract( Rainbow Algae)- clinically proven to reduce pigmentation. 
  • Vitamin E- Acts as an antioxidant
  • Enteromorpha Compressa Extract, Silybum Marianum Fruit Extract and Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract- A soothing ingredient that excels in the underarm area, which is prone to movement and friction. It is also proven to combat redness, especially after shaving.

It doesn't get better than this!

Odour has been a concern for many, we saw a dearth of effective, clean solutions and hence created one ourselves. The Green And Beige Underarm Serum- is a star product that combines effectiveness with safety, quality, and ethical ingredients. 

Embrace your sweat as a sign of your body's hard work, but don't let odour’s discomfort hold you back. Try Green And Beige Underarm Serum today—it's the ultimate solution you've been searching for.

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