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Clean Beauty : How do we define the word Clean?

How do we define the word Clean? Something unpolluted and pristine. It always feels good to be in a clean environment. Now, what about Beauty? Beauty can be relative, but it is always something brings a spark of content and joy to one. So clean beauty is essentially a philosophy that believes in making one feel beautiful and content about oneself while also creating a sense of fulfillment about not having made the world around us ugly.  


In today's world, we are riding a wave of clean energy, and clean fashion and in many other industries too clean and sustainable is being adopted as the way of life, as the new norm. The beauty and fashion industries are known to be the most polluting of the industries. One would think it is the automobile, chemical or iron and steel that cause the most amount of pollution. While they do contribute, the beauty industry is one less obvious  industry that tops the chart in terms of water and soil pollution. One would be forced to think that the containers mounting in the landfills is what is being referred to here in the name of pollution. Beyond the container, there are also the ingredients within the container that are causing pollution ;pollution to the waters and pollution to the soil. This is something that the industry has tried to brush under the carpet for a long time.  The awareness that Clean Beauty has brought to the forefront is that the ingredients in your personal care products are polluting the water and soil and one's body. 


The prime example is our foaming lakes and rivers. It is caused by the sulphates in the skincare products that are being washed down the drain to end up in our water bodies, effectively causing the foaming and ultimately killing it. Microbeads and silicones are solid plastic particles which are used in  skincare products. If washed down the drain after use, they can end up in our rivers, lakes, and oceans. These tiny plastics persist in the environment and have a damaging effect on marine life, the environment and human health. Also, some non-bio-degradable ingredients remain to change the pH level of water and soil. In our country, chances of most of the washed-out ingredients ending up in the sewage tanks is high.  This again causes leaching of caustic ingredients into the soil and ground water. Clean Beauty is not just about packing the product in glass jars or recyclable aluminium containers.  More important than all these are the biodegradability of the ingredients used.  


How an ingredient is sourced too is another aspect of Clean Beauty. Clean and sustainable sourcing would be acquiring those kinds of ingredients which are harvested in an environment that is mimicking a natural environment. Ingredients should also be harvested without causing an imbalance in the environment that wild harvesting and deforestation cause.  


Clean Beauty for us at Green and Beige is all about sourcing sustainably farmed ingredients. And sustainability for us is about giving back to the environment that which has been taken from it. We make sure every ingredient is scoured for its cradle to grave cycle before being used. As a clean skincare brand, we ensure that every ingredient used, whether it is lab-processed or a plant-based, does not cause any harm to both the environment and a person's health in the long run. 

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