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Benefits of body exfoliation
Scrub your way to radiant skin.

Body Scrubs are an integral part of skincare routines. Their main role is getting rid of dead, flaky skin and helping in the regeneration of a new layer of skin. Over the years, we have witnessed many variants of body scrubs with one of them probably having occupied a prime position in your bathroom cabinet . But how well do we understand the process of exfoliation and it's benefits?

Before talking about the benefits of using a body scrub, let's talk about why you need a body scrub?

Importance of exfoliation
To help understand the process of exfoliation and why it is needed, let us first understand how our skin works. Desquamation, commonly known as skin shedding, is a naturally occurring process that includes the fall out of dead skin cells. Though this process is not as evident in humans as in other vertebrates that we are aware of , it is a constant, regenerative process that gives rise to new layers of the skin. However, owing to environmental factors , stress, lack of proper skin care and age, this process can slow down over time leading to an unhealthy buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Bring in Body scrubs to gently help with exfoliation, remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, and aid the process of regeneration.

Is this all a scrub does, exfoliate?

Benefits of body exfoliation
The main aim of exfoliating body scrubs is to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and aid the healthy production of new skin cells. Apart from this main benefit of using a body scrub, there are multiple other benefits as well. We’ve listed a few:

● Improve skin texture and get rid of any impurities
● Promote effective circulation and cell turnover
● Help the skin absorb moisture and other skin benefiting ingredients better
● Prevent the growth of ingrown hair
● Rejuvenate the person with the immediately visible effect of the scrub
● Give the skin natural radiance and a very visible glow
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