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Dandruff Defence Hair Care Combo!

Rs. 3,697.00 Rs. 2,549.00

RECTIFIO Hair Cleanser DANDRUFF DEFENCE 250ml + NUTRISUM Hair Mask SCALP & HAIR STRENGTHENING + SMOOTHENING  250ml  + RECREO Hair Serum Sheen + Nourish 30ml

Benefits of Rectifio Dandruff defence hair cleanser: Sooth itchy scalp and control dandruff while maintaining scalp microbiota. | Helps to remove dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants. | Vegetal keratin mimics the ratio in human hair amino acid improves hair strength, elasticity and provides wet and dry combability. | Mild surfactant base that forms a protective layer and does not allow the scalp to dry out. | Reduces damage from excess force used against hair, makes hair look shinier and healthier. | Reduces static and frizz | Non-Toxic for Aquatic Life | Clean Beauty | Maintains Scalp Microbiome

Benefits of Hair Mask:  Scalp barrier repair | Increase in hair Strengthening and enhance elasticity | Protects from harsh salon process and environmental stressors | Deep conditioning and enhance hair sheen | Antioxidant nourishes the scalp and supports hair growth | Improves combability and reduces hair breakage.

Benefits of Sheen And Nourish Hair Serum : Nourishes scalp and hair | Strengthens hair follicle | Provides shine | Strong antioxidant | Moisturises hair | Provides anti-pollution shield | Maintains prebiotic scalp Microbiome | Non-Toxic for Aquatic Life | Clean Beauty | Biodegradable