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Assorted Combo Pack of 3 Handmade Cold Process Soaps - 300g

M.R.P Rs. 800.00 Rs. 600.00

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Traditional handmade cold process soap, an assortment of 3 soaps 

Cream Of The Crop 100g +

Net quantity: 100g
MRP: Rs.250 (Rs.250/100g)
Use by:
28 February 2026

Wake Me Up 100g +

Net quantity: 100g
MRP: Rs.250 (Rs.250/g)
Use by: 
30 June 2026

24 Carat 100g

Net quantity: 100g
MRP: Rs.300 (Rs.300/g)
Use by: 
31 May 2026

Cream Of The Crop : Remember your grandmother telling you how good malai was for your skin? Well, we tested it and it turns out that she was right. When combined with calamine, this is magic for your skin – gently washes away dead cells, opens pores, cleanses gently. This soap works its magic on itchy skin too. With the woody scents of cedar, cinnamon bark and frankincense essential oils, it is a treat for the senses. We really cannot decide if it smells like the forest, a bookstore, or petrichor. This really is the cream. 

Wake Me Up :There’s nothing like chocolate and coffee to pick you up. And the same goes for your skin. Chocolate has the essential vitamins skin needs. To this we add freshly brewed coffee to create this two toned marvel for you. We have also garnished it with some freshly ground coffee beans to exfoliate your skin. Essential oils of cinnamon bark, blang-ylang, bergamot and amber combine with the heady aroma of coffee and cocoa to put the boom-boom into your heart.

 24 Carat : Turmeric is a potent herb that helps reduce hyper-pigmentation and enhances skin glow. Carrots, rich in vitamins, improve skin resilience and tone the skin. Neem oil has been used in India for healing since time immemorial. Combine all three and you can bid farewell to skin allergies. Essential oil of turmeric makes skin soft and healthy and its earthy, spicy scent comforts the mind. Fresh grapefruit and gingergrass essential oils are uplifting, stimulating and cleansing. The combination of all these, is pure gold.


This handmade herbal soap assortment will be a bouquet to each member of the family. y'aura Cold Process Soaps are approved & licensed by Drug & Cosmetic Dept. & are handmade retaining the goodness of a traditional soap. Each soap is prepared by hand, cut, inspected & packaged individually.

Key Benefits :

Mild cleansing. | Gentle exfoliation. | Energises skin. |No synthetic surfactants to pollute your body. | Fragranced only with essential oils. | Good for you, good for the environment. | Suitable for normal-to-dry skin..

Ingredients : 

Vegetable Oils: Sunflower, Coconut, Rice Bran, Castor. | Essential Oils: Coffee seed oil, | Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Cinnamon bark, Amber. | Additives: Coffee, Cocoa powder. | Saponified with NaOH.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Nihaar kumar
Completely organic and hand made

These soaps doesn't have any harmful chemicals nor artificial colours/ fragrance hence suitable for all skin types. It does produce good lather and is quite hard.

Divij Singla
Really good handmade soaps.

These soaps are very gentle on skin and has very good but light fragrance. I love the main ingredients and how it is good on my skin and for my skin.

Sumita boora

Gives healthy skin initial usage good quality natural soaps. It also gives good bathing experience, recommend to buy. It also makes your skin refreshing, after usage of the soaps.

Rashi Anmol Singh
Good quality product

This soap is very good for the skin it keeps it moisturized and the light scent of the soaps is amazing.. its stays for long and it softens the has improved my dry skin.. worth the price

Shahnawaz Anwar
Very nice soaps

This is the best soap I have come across. I totally love it's fragrance. Very soothing to skin and its very good for both kids and adults. It keeps your skin smooth and hydrated whole day long.