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Armpit Mask 100ml & Body Scrub 100ml Jumbo combo

M.R.P Rs. 1,598.00 Rs. 1,299.00

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Armpit Mask 100ml +

Net quantity: 100ml
MRP: Rs.999 (Rs.999/100ml)
Use by: 
31 March 2025

Body Scrub 100ml 

Net quantity: 100ml
MRP: Rs.599 (Rs.599/100ml)
Use by: 
31 December 2024

Benefits of Armpit Mask: Absorbs bacteria and toxins | Promotes skin health | Regenerates damaged skin cells | Hydrates skin | Reduces melanogenic activity | Decreases pigmentation. 
Benefits of Body Scrub : Soothes and moisturises skin | Remove cells damaged by ultraviolet rays | Tightens and promotes healthy skin | Boosts collagen levels | Reduces premature ageing of cells | Regenerates damaged skin cells | Provides long term hydration

What is microbiome ?
Microbiome is the normal colony of organisms that live on our skin and keep it healthy. You probably have taken fermented food like curds when you get a tummy upset. This is to normalise the microbiome in your stomach. Green And Beige has added prebiotics in this skin and hair care range as a food for the normal microscopic living beings that exist on it. When the healthy microbiome is damaged, the disease causing (pathogenic) organisms target your skin. This results in lesions like acne, itching, redness, skin barrier damages. Healthy microbiome strengthens the scalp and skin


Sustainable & recyclable | Environment-friendly | Clean ingredients | Blue beauty concept | Clean beauty concept | Naturally derived ingredients Efficacious | Honest | Biodegradable | Non-carcinogenic | Aquatic life-friendly | No suspicious ingredients | Non-impactful on hormonal balance | No Green Washing

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Ekta Deepak
good gift

I own the these products and use the scrub weekly once and others on a daily basis. I gifted this combo to my sister and she loved it. Lovely packaging and divine fragrance.

Krishnapriya Nair

This three are the products all you need for a good minimal body care routine. the scrub exfoliated your skin, removing all the dead skin cell. Whereas the body lotion keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated for a long time. I have never used a moisturizer which stays for this long! And for the armpit mask i have no words! I never thought this product would actually work!

Cyanna James
Too good!

I love these three products! my absolute favourite!! Worth every penny, lovely product. Kind to the skin, kind to the nature too. I hope this brand get the kind of recognition they deserve.

Sakeena Khan
amazing combo

This kit is everything! I have used these products individually but when i saw this combo, i had to get it! I used it how they have prescribed on the products and to my surprise, it works so good!! I love how each product smells individually!

Palak Shah
Really impressive

The products smell heavenly and I totally like the texture of each and every product in the set. I recommend y'all to try this combo for yourself and check it out!