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Be my Honey! Handmade Bathing Soap - 100g

Rs. 250.00
Incl. of taxes

Yoghurt meets honey and the next thing you know, they are in your shower.

Be my Honey! Handmade Bathing Soap - 100g

Be my Honey! Handmade Bathing Soap - 100g

Rs. 250.00

Details :

This is an old-fashioned natural healer. The two hero ingredients blend with cocoa to become a luxurious indulgence. ... Chocolate’s (cocoa) antioxidant properties are the stuff of legend – it fights free radicals and slows skin ageing. The aroma and botanical benefits of the essential oils (frankincense and myrrh) make this soap fit for a queen. And of course, her honey.

Benefits :

Soothing and luxurious for dry skin | Mild cleansing | No synthetic surfactants to pollute your body | Fragranced only with essential oils | Good for you, good for the environment | Suitable for normal-to-dry skin

Ingredients :

Vegetable Butters and Oils: Cocoa, Olive, Sunflower, Coconut, Rice bran, Castor | Essential Oils: Frankincense, Orange, Myrrh, Tuberose | Additives: Honey, Yogurt | Saponified with NaOH

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