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24 Carat - 100g

Rs. 300.00
Incl. of taxes

Carrot and turmeric in an alchemic combination, turn to pure gold.

24 Carat - 100g <br><br>

24 Carat - 100g

Rs. 300.00
Details :
Turmeric is a potent herb that helps reduce hyper-pigmentation and enhances skin glow. Carrots, rich in vitamins, improve skin resilience and tone the skin. ... Neem oil has been used in India for healing since time immemorial. Combine all three and you can bid farewell to skin allergies. Essential oil of turmeric makes skin soft and healthy and its earthy, spicy scent comforts the mind. Fresh grapefruit and gingergrass essential oils are uplifting, stimulating and cleansing. The combination of all these, is pure gold.

Benefits :

Deep cleansing | Refreshing after-feel | Energised skin | No synthetic surfactants to pollute your body | Fragranced only with essential oils | Good for you, good for the environment | Suitable for oily to normal skin

Ingredients :

Vegetable Oils: Neem, Coconut, Sunflower, Rice bran, Castor | Essential Oils: Grapefruit, Gingergrass | Additives: Turmeric, Annatto | Saponified with NaOH

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